Petrogulf Marine Coolant PDS

PetroGulf Coolant is an ultra high performance environmentally sensitive coolant, anti-freeze and corrosion inhibitor formulated with unique, leading-edge extended life technology. Petrogulf Coolant is a premium quality monoethylene glycol based antifreeze coolant, formulated especially for prolonged corrosion protection for the modern generation engines. The special additives fortified in the coolant ensure multiple benefits to the users. It delivers exceptional cooling, antifreeze and corrosion protection to both gasoline passenger car systems, and diesel engines in light heavy-duty service.

Petrogulf CS Gease EP2 PDS

Petrogulf CS Grease is heavy duty multipurpose calcium sulfonate complex soap based grease for use in a wide range of marine, industrial and automotive applications. It is manufactured from high quality solvent refined base oils and performance additives to provide good structural stability, resistance to water washout and effective protection from wear and corrosion. It is specially designed to deliver outstanding performance in severe application areas like marine, offshore and heavy duty off-highway equipment.

Petrogulf Marine Grease PDS

Petrogulf Marine Wire Rope Grease is a semi-fluid grease with a combination of lubricating solids and molybdenum disulphide designed for the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working under all conditions, including marine environments. Wire Rope Grease penetrates between the strands to the core of the rope providing complete rope lubrication

Petrogulf Wire Rope Grease Specs