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ISO: 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150,
Product DescriptionPetroGulf Hydraulic Oil (HVI) oils are high viscosity index (VI) multigrade hydraulic fluids. This allows a single grade of oil to be used in marine hydraulic systems which operate in different climate zones. A particular feature of these grades is the use of VI improvers with very high resistance to shear. To minimize the effects of water contamination, Petrogulf (HVI) grades have excellent water separability as measured by the severe ASTM 1401 test. Petrogulf Hydraulic Oil (HVI) grades also contain highly effective corrosion inhibitors as demonstrated by the excellent result in the IP135B (steel in seawater) corrosion test. These oils can be used for the lubrication of all high pressure and high-speed vane, piston and gear-type hydraulic pumps, and equipment’s operating over a wide temperature range. Petrogulf Hydraulic Oil HVI may also use in certain marine gearboxes and for turbocharged lubrication